VRoid-based VRM 3D model “jimikyokyu”

I’ve been thinking that it would be great if I could incorporate the VRoid body into a game, but it already exists. So I’ll try to modify the VRoid body and make it erotic.

■■This is a very brief explanation for creators.■■
What you need to make
Blender, VRM add-on and custom-maid add-on
Unity and uniVRM
VRoid Studio
*You don’t need the custom-maid add-on, but it’s useful for transferring shapekeys and making a base mesh.

1,Create a character in VRoid Studio and export it as a VRM file.
2,Import and edit the character in Blender, and export it as a VRM file.
3,Finalize settings in Unity, and export.
4,Enjoy the  VRM.

What I can’t do and what I noticed
When adding new bones between existing bones, collider does not work properly (maybe because it does not fit into the VRM standard).
The VRoid body has custom normals, so the normals need to be edited when the mesh is changed.
There are some parts of the VRoid body where the vertices are not connected, and when editing proportionally, gaps are sometimes created there. If you join the vertices, the custom normals will be broken.

■■About Copyright for Users■■
The free version is a CCBYNCSA license. The free version can be used in erotic mods and games.
The content of the fee version is the same as the free version. It is only required for commercial use and when direct profit is generated. You can use the free version if you want to make an indirect profit. Even if you are not using it for commercial purposes, we would appreciate your support.

Examples of commercial use: Corporations and sole proprietors using the software for business purposes.
Direct profit example: Creating an erotic game and selling it on a DL site. However, you can use the free version until the game is completed and sold.
Indirect profit example: Act as a Vtuber.

■■Changes from the Vroid model■■
High-poly boobs
Added collider to boobs
Enhanced boobs swaying
A little high-poly of the crotch
Changed the parts arrangement of the face a little. I’m aiming for a more animetic balance.
Change the shape of the legs.


vroid_jimikyonyu_v1.2.5 You can also download it from Booth’s shop at the link below.
The fee version is here.

・Texture files for affinity designer
・Png textures
・vrm files
 (Hub is a color for VroidHub, because the shadow color seems to be different depending on the application)
・v1.2.5blender file