Skyrim SE  I want my hair texture to be realistic.

Skyrim SE is a good game that still has a lot of room to grow even though it’s a long time ago.
After all, product life is long when the MOD tool is provided officially.

This time, I would like to practice making realistic hair and make my companion girls realistic.
I thought about making a texture for the AI syoujyo’s hair, but the quality of the texture itself was so high that I didn’t think there was much to change.

*as a side note, the selling method of the Substance series had changed.
I used to be able to get a perpetual license for that version of the subscription plan for a year, but now I can’t.
I recommend the permanent license version of Steam because it’s hard to get your hands on for 20 dollars a month to make an MOD.
It’s on sale now and then, so if you’re curious about it, check it out!

The first step is to create a material in Substance Designer.

Make multiple pieces of a single hair and lay them down with a tile sampler.
Skyrim’s textures are made up of textures and normal maps, but the normal map has an alpha channel, which acts as a specular map.
In the image, it is output as a metallic instead of a specular map.
This is because the default format of Painter is PBR and there is no specular map.
Of course, it is only a story if I change the setting, but when it is non-PBR, the preview is not well displayed and is left as it is.

From Designer to Painter, with Painter, you just paint a mask and fiddle with the numbers.
Take a texture made in Painter and make it into BC7 dds in

Change the numerical values such as glossiness in NifScope.
If you want to change the number…
Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom
Modify the NIF file in this. I had not understanded this.

It is complete.
The original textures look good in a photo, but I felt uncomfortable when I was playing. The texture is based on realistic hair, but it was so fine that the detail completely disappeared, making it look like nylon fabric. I still think it should be large enough to not lose detail considering the texture resolution and display resolution.
Super Mario Odyssey did that, but they made the fabric and other details so big that they couldn’t have been in reality. It’s probably the result of our efforts to prevent the pattern from being crushed by the resolution of the display.
This is the texture I created based on that. I think it’s more immersive now.

Hair Texture MOD
[stinger722]bethesda_Skyrim_hair texture for bijin series.7z
*Currently, 4 characters are available. I want to make more textures and post it on Nexusmods.

File for a substance
Substance file skyrim hair00.7z
How to use it in Painter.
It is supposed to output base color, roughness, metallic, normal, and opacity. Roughness and opacity are not necessary.
Reuse transparency by putting the original texture in the material’s alpha input.
The base color should be output with the alpha channel, and the normal should be exported with the metallic added to the alpha channel.